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One of the most important aspects of your car is that you are transported comfortably. Comfort in the car starts with a good seat. A chair should provide you with sufficient comfort, provide sufficient lateral support and give you the most comfortable seat at the correct height. Car seats are usually made to one size from the factory, so that the driver has to adapt to the seat. JT Autobekleding believes that a car seat should adapt to you as a driver. That is why we offer many options to make your car journey as comfortable as possible. Adjusting car seats is a professional job, in which we have many years of experience. With this experience we work together with you on a desired solution for your comfort problem. In this way we can adapt the car seat to your wishes. Curious about examples? View all our projects from past years.

Adjusting a car seat for medical reasons

Adjusting a car seat can make the difference between a comfortable and a tiring or even painful journey in your car. If you would like a comfort adjustment to your car seat for medical reasons, we have the solution for you. We have years of experience in adjusting car seats for medical reasons. Think, for example, of installing seat heating for people with rheumatism or softening the car seat for someone with a bone disorder. All adjustments are made with one or more fits by you as a customer!
Obviously, there are not only medical reasons for optimizing the seating comfort in your car. A seat that provides too much or too little lateral support can cause a tired feeling, painful legs and a sore back during and after driving. In consultation with you and based on your wishes, JT Autobekleding develops a completely tailor-made alternative for your comfort problem with regard to lateral support. JT Autobekleding has experience with the following comfort adjustments, among other things:
If you choose JT Autobekleding to adjust your car seat for whatever reason, you choose quality, reliability and personal service. Together with you, we make every effort to bring the seating comfort of your car seat to a new level.

Interested in customizing your car seat?

With more than 50 years of experience in the upholstery of cars and commercial vehicles, we can do a lot for you. Whether you are looking for a completely new interior or want the current seats of your company car repaired, you have always come to the right place! If you are interested, we cordially invite you to contact us by telephone on +31546 454788 or by e-mail at You are of course also very welcome to visit our company to discuss the possibilities.

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