Car seat repair

Are you or a passenger currently sitting in a seat that is torn or that you no longer sit comfortably in due to the springs coming through the upholstery? This is of course not a pleasant situation and it comes at the expense of the comfort and appearance of the upholstery. It also sometimes happens that the leather of a car seat breaks, so that all kinds of small cracks (craquelure) certainly do not embellish the seat. Thanks to our years of experience and specialization, we are experts in the field of car seat repair. We repair all chairs and all associated materials. Our experience ensures a good assessment of the problem and a quick and professional repair of your car seat. This allows you to quickly get back on the road with your, as new, car seat. In addition to car seats, we also repair and upholster various vehicles. Read more about the upholstery of various vehicles.

Car seat repair experts

The major advantage of repairing instead of replacing the complete car seat cover is the cost-saving aspect and the speed with which a car seat can be repaired. A completely new upholstery is of course more expensive than a repair of a tear or crack in your upholstery. Thanks to our contemporary techniques and beautiful, often original materials, you have the feeling that you are sitting on a completely new chair after repair.

Car seat repair Almelo, Hengelo or Enschede

We are a company in Almelo with an eye for your wishes, which we are happy to respond to. Do you need a repair of your car seat? We would like to invite you for an appointment at our company. You can contact us quickly and easily by telephone at any time.

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