About JT Autobekleding

Our history begins in 1965. In that year Willem Potijk decided to start a car upholstery company in a workshop behind his house on the Ootmarsumsestraat in Almelo. The work in the early years included, in addition to the upholstery of car seats, the insulation of cars and tractors, the installation of headlining and the renewal of vinyl roofs.

Potijk autobekleding B.V.

As the years went by, the company grew and the business expanded. Eventually, both sons joined the company. At the time, Potijk Auto Covering B.V. focuses mainly on the production of new concepts in the automotive industry. In addition, they were involved in tasks such as fabricating the interior for taxi buses and ambulances. The number of orders increased and the workforce increased. Reason enough to expand a few times.

In the year 2000, the company moved to a new location on the industrial estate on the Bornsestraat in Almelo. This completely newly furnished business premises offered space for new opportunities. A good example of this is the commissioning of two machines, namely a cutter (an automatic cutting machine) and a laminating machine, which resulted in a significant increase in project and serial work.

Recent years have brought with them a great variety of serial and craft activities, which made it increasingly difficult to combine these activities efficiently and effectively. Potijk Auto Trim B.V. is a service-oriented company and partly from that point of view it has been decided, in order to be able to continue to serve the customer at the same high quality and service level, as of March 29, 2008, Potijk Autokleding B.V. split into four companies, namely:

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