Caravan upholstery

A beautiful and well-maintained interior of your caravan gives you the feeling of being at home on holiday. In addition, a new interior significantly increases the value of your caravan. A beautiful caravan consists of a beautiful exterior and interior. The caravan upholstery must radiate a certain atmosphere that gives the recreational vehicle a pleasant and welcome impression. We have reupholstered many caravans over the years and we know how great the improvement is after reupholstering your caravan. A new upholstery for your caravan provides a completely new holiday environment. In addition to caravan upholstery, we also do camper upholstery orupholstery for various vehicles.

Bij ons is het mogelijk om de kussens of de matrassen in uw caravan te bekleden en hervormen op de manier zoals u dat zelf wilt. Wij kunnen rekening houden met de wensen op het gebied van zitcomfort en kunnen de hardheid te allen tijde aanpassen aan uw persoonlijke wensen en lichamelijke situatie. Zo heeft u na bekleding een matras of een zitkussen dat speciaal voor u gemaakt is. U heeft nog nooit zo’n fijne vakantie met uw caravan gehad.

Experienced in Interior Caravan upholstery

Reupholstering and designing the interior of your caravan is a job that you entrust with us to employees who know their business and have many years of experience in reupholstering chairs, cushions and sofas. We always take your wishes into account and work based on your ideas. We are an accessible company and find direct and clear communication important. You can indicate to us which end result you want to see and we will do everything we can to achieve this. You can choose from different materials and colors for your caravan upholstery. For example, you can choose from a leather interior, imitation leather (artificial leather / imitation leather) or fabric. The colors and choice of materials for the interior are often limited by the manufacturer. With us, the possibilities are endless and you can have the interior of your caravan adapted to your own taste.

Upholster caravan cushions and mattresses

With us it is possible to cover and reform the cushions or the mattresses in your caravan in the way you want. We can take into account the wishes in terms of seating comfort and can adjust the hardness at any time to your personal wishes and physical situation. For example, after covering you have a mattress or a seat cushion that is specially made for you. You have never had such a nice holiday with your caravan.

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