Upholster car seats

You have been satisfied with your interior for years, but in recent years the traces of use have become more and more visible. You certainly don’t have to keep driving with it. An appointment with our company will ensure that your car seats, rear seats and panels are carefully repaired or completely reupholstered, so that you will soon be driving around with an interior that looks like new. A beautiful interior naturally consists of nicely upholstered seats, rear seats, panels, carpet and headliner. This is fully adapted to your wishes and completely customized where necessary. We will upholster your car seats!

Car upholstery repair

Are you looking for a completely new interior or do you want to repair your current car seats? You are always at the right place with us. Your ideas and inspirations are realized by us. We specialize in car upholstery repair and reupholstering car seats, both car seat upholstery with leather, artificial leather, fabric or a combination of these. A tear in your interior will be repaired quickly and effectively by our professionals. When it comes to new interiors, car dealers often have a very limited choice in different types of leather and fabric, let alone any motifs.

With a used car you obviously have no influence whatsoever on the upholstery of the car seats. So do not be tempted by this limited choice and discuss your ideas and wishes with us in detail. We will do everything within our power to provide your car with the interior you dream of. Do you want to adjust your car seat in addition to repairing? Adjusting car seats is a profession in which we have many years of experience. With this experience we work together with you on a desired solution for your comfort problem. The price for covering your car seat depends on the type of car and the requirements. We therefore ask you to contact us to discuss this together.

From dull to chic!

After our treatment, a dull fabric or leather interior becomes a fantastically restored or stylish design interior with a chic look. A completely worn brown leather interior becomes a timeless and fully restored leather interior. Due to the many years of experience we have with these materials, they no longer hold any secrets for our employees. For a completely new upholstery of your car seats or a repair to your current upholstery, we invite you to contact us or to visit our company.

Need advice or make an appointment right away?

Do you have a question or would you like advice? Please feel free to contact us or visit us. We are happy to help you.

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