Repair & Reconditioning of Rehabilitation Aids

JT Auto Trim is the specialist in the field of upholstering medical furniture, rehabilitation upholstery and adjustments to the seating comfort of your car or wheelchair upholstery and finish. Of course you have also come to the right place for other sitting and/or lying problems. Rehabilitation aids are often very important in the rehabilitation process. We realize this and we try to find a quick, personal and appropriate solution for every problem thanks to our knowledge of rehabilitation technology. In consultation with you and your physiotherapist or occupational therapist, we can provide you with tailor-made advice, without any obligation, thanks to our many years of experience in this field and our acquired expertise. If you would like to receive more information or if you are interested in tailor-made advice, please feel free to contact JT Auto Trim.

Rehabilitation upholstery

The repair and reconditioning of wheelchairs that come back from loan/rental is one of our specialisms. In consultation with you as a customer and in consultation with the healthcare authorities, the correct padding (thickness of the foam) is applied to the wheelchair and we cover or upholster the entire chair for you. This treatment is possible for many different types of fabric (terry cloth, leather or imitation leather) and can even be performed with incontinence material (patylon/orthoflex/stamskin) and possibly neoprene. The new padding and upholstery of the wheelchair will not only concern the seat and backrest, the armrests, abduction block, head and leg supports and associated worktops will also be reconditioned. After treatment, the chair will be completely assembled and, if desired, fixation straps will be placed.


Because every client is different and every problem needs its own solution, we like to think along with you to find a solution for your problem. Your wheelchair or bed mattress may no longer provide the support you would like, or your physiotherapist or occupational therapist may advise you to replace them. Contrary to what the name suggests, JT Autobekleding can also handle these kinds of jobs. We can supply you with the mattress or chair with the correct padding hardness and the desired upholstery. Your chair or mattress will be composed according to your personal wishes. All padded parts of your chair (including armrests, head and leg rests and side supports) and your bed or mattress. Adjustments to the comfort of your wheelchair or to the comfort of your mattress are carried out in a professional and professional manner in consultation with you.

Rehabilitation Aids

The aids below can be adapted by us to simply increase the comfort you derive from these aids.

Work chairs, triple chairs and stand-up armchairs

We can adapt these with different hardnesses of polyether foam, cold foam or memory foam. Of course, these chairs can be fitted with widened seat or back surfaces, or with lumbar support. After treatment, we cover these chairs with the corresponding fabric.

Home care and nursing beds

We adapt these with, among other things, incontinence mattresses, bed rail protectors and pads. All made to the right size for you.

Rollators and aids

With these adjustments you can think of braking systems, adapted handles and adding extra weight to the rollator. A good example is the weighting of a walker for people with spasm or Parkinson’s. They can benefit from making this rollator heavier, but also from mounting oxygen containers or lowering the rollator.


For example, you can think of adjustments to the back or seat of the wheelchair, but also the adjustment of armrests, perlots and headrest of a wheelchair. We are currently also receiving many requests for the adjustment and/or reconditioning of the so-called ATLAS wheelchairs, walking aids and standing orthosis.

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