Upholster Motorhome

Your motorhome is the vehicle par excellence to spend your holiday. Many motorhome users value the comfort of the vehicle and the ability to move quickly. In many cases you spend a lot of time in or near your motorhome on holiday. It is nice if you have an interior that you like and that the upholstery of your motorhome is comfortable and in good condition. A beautiful upholstery of your motorhome gives your motorhome a warm look from the inside and exudes atmosphere. Upholstering your motorhome to your taste is therefore our specialty. In addition to motorhome upholstery, we also do caravan upholstery or upholstery for various vehicles.

Upholster the camper to your own taste

Upholstering your motorhome is in excellent hands with our company. We have several decades of experience in covering recreational vehicles and undoubtedly have options for covering motorhomes that will appeal to you as a motorhome owner. Unfortunately, it is often the case that when a motorhome is ordered, you can only choose from one or a few color compositions and materials. This limits the possibility of customizing the inside of your motorhome to your own wishes. JT Auto Trim gives you the opportunity to adjust the interior of your motorhome to your own taste.

We have a workshop that is very suitable for adjusting the upholstery of your motorhome and have the expertise to get the job done professionally. We cover chairs and sofas, but you can also have pillows and mattresses covered by us. We also have the option of adjusting the hardness of the seat or mattress foam to your own preference. This way you always enjoy a sofa, chair or cushion that you can sit comfortably on. From now on you will sleep on a mattress that has been specially made for you. It gives an even better feeling to your holiday.

Tailored advice!

For tailor-made advice, we invite you to contact our company via +31546 454788 or info@jt-automaterialen.nl. You are most welcome to visit our company to discuss the possibilities.

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Do you have a question or would you like advice? Please feel free to contact us or visit us. We are happy to help you.

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